Press Belt
We are producing and supplying the fusing machine belt with a high
reputed/ qualified materials from U.K. With 20 years experience and skills in
this industry, we are supplying all kind of fusing machines belts. In
accordance with a various requirement of customers who are using fusing
machines over the world as well as in Korea, we are keeping belts
specification of almost every fusing machine brand to meet their requests
on time.
Conveyor belts for industrial use, others
P.T.F.E. is a high temperature resistant material that was first used as a
gasket material during the making of the world's first atomic bmb. Today
it is better known by the trade names TEFLON and FLUON and has been
used to solve countless other problems-industrial and domestic.
Overall, P.T.F.E. has a unique profile of properties that make it especially
suitable for difficult industrial applications.

- Unaffected by temperature extremes
(-150 to 260 for glass)
(-150 to 200 for Kevlar)
- Non-stick at temperature extremes
- Non-toxic
- Resitant to attack from most industrial chemicals and solvents
- Low friction
- Electrical insulator
- Compatible with ultraviolet, infra-red, radio frequency ; and micro wave
method of heating and drying
- Flexible
- Will not support combustion

P.T.F.E. use

Food processing

Printed circuit
board manufacture
Roller surface coating

Garment industry
(Fusing machine belt)
Heat proved conveyor belt

Food processing

Packaging/Heat sealing

Band sealing belt

Various kind of
conveyor belt in our stall