Vacuum Table
MODEL: V-206/ V-205/ V-207/ V-208
  Stong suction by noisy-free suction fan motor makes it possible to maintain suction pad dried, no water
  It is designed for favorable working condition by air exhauster inside table.
  Also designed motly suitable size of suction area, height and location of swing arms.
  Sble type is available for special needs.
MODEL: V-206/ V-205

  Various type of swing arms are available according to usr's needs.
  According to usr's needs, it's changeable with any type swing arms available as flange fo them are
same to fit.

MODEL: V-205-1

  The model is used for the under and final pressing of men's and women's suits. Bucks for iron board are
   changeable according to the purpose of opeartion.

MODEL: V-207

  This is designed for required parts suction only and ladies skirts It is convenient when apply large parts
onto the swing arm since not enough suction in case fo large sized arm on the V-206

MODEL: V-208

  This model is designed for KNIT FACTORIES specially so suction area is bigger than normal/ incline
to ward so that can be suitable for knit tems.

Variable Swing arms are available

E, K, J, L, Types are not suitable for normal V-206/ V-205 but for
"Sole Type"(only suction on swing arm)


Heatel Type