Belts for all Machines


∴ Purpose of this picture
When changing time of belt has come due to life span or damage, users can change to new belt for themselves without manufacture’s help

∴ Preparing materials for belt changing

Industrial Iron, Belt fabric(new belt) & adhesive film supplied by Fulontech.

∴ Procedure – you are requested to conduct following procedure for belt replacement

  1. Open cover and loosen tension bearing and old belts requiring

  2. Pull and turn left regulator for pressure on panel to remove all the
    pressure and replace new belt.

  3. Fix wooden plate under belt fabric in input of machine
4. Fix belt fabric and roller with glue tape in frame to prevent belt removes
    during adhesive work.
5. On the wooden plate, put one side upon another side of belt and fix
    belt by pin not to move.

  6. Put adhesive film on the joint part of belt.

  7. When heat of iron come up to 350℃ adhere fixed joint part of belt with
    iron for some seconds lightly on whole area. After light adhering, wipe
    out melted dregs of film coming from jointed belt with soft fabric in
    pressing down.

8. After light adhering, push iron down around 1 min. in giving pressure on
    it and wipe out melted dregs of film with soft fabric in pressing down
    every moving to press.

  9. When belt joint adhered completely, put the complete belt on center
    of roller and strain belt in fastening tension bearing after removing
    foreign materials.

10. Check if sensing wire of limit switch has correct position on edge of belt
    (3Nos. each of upper & lower belts total 6 Nos.).
11. When tension is proper, make “OFF” on speed controller in turning left and push “ON” of brake switch in
    turning up.
12. Make running of speed controller smoothly and run the belt in low speed.
13. During running of belt in low speed, observe carelessly if cylinder for belt control and other safety devices
    are working properly.
14. When all are proper working, switch on in heater switch and operate machine in low speed up to setting
15. When the belt has proper position and running, start job working.