Shrinking and forming machine
(Sponging Machine) (For woven and knit fabric)


• Steam function and shrinking can be regulated and moreover the temperture of dry area can be regulated
according to the fabrics
• It is manufactured by demand of garment manufacturers.
• Ideal shrinking and forming of the fabrics are possible by the process of long steaming, heating,
drying and cooling.
• Production cost reduction by recycle of heat resulted from the steam.
• Use of high heat material for all shrinking areas saves the power and energy. Power and energy saving
up to 30% compared with other types.
• Speed adjustment applied (7M/min.)
• It is suitable for cotton knitted material, the shuttle weaving, the denim and so on.

  • To bring better effect for bonding through fabric & interlining.
(After shrinking and forming through the machine, the shrunk and formed fabrics are stable for cutting,
sewing and ironing. So, it increases the additional values of the products as a result.)
• Shrinking process is to soften the original fabric and to regulate the fabric and to keep the fabric
size stable.
• After shrinking process, the fabric is with stable size and the gentle feeling of the fabrics. Furthermore,
it gets rid of shrinking problem. so, the quality of the finished products stay at the best condition.


Shrinking and forming Fusing Press machine
(Sponging Machine) (For woven and knit fabric)

  • The steamer helps ensure fabrics to be smoothened during the production process; it works on knit
and woven fabrics and eliminates shrinkage problems. Operational dimensions can be adjusted to fit
various sizes of fabrics and can also be adjusted to be used on applicable non-textile items.
• It is connected to our basic FA-1600S and FA-1200S machines, which means both fusing and
sponging can be effectively operated simultaneously.
• 4 upper and 5 lower steam panels steams simultaneously ensuring maximized sponging capabilities.
The relaxer makes operating fabrics rolls easier.
• This steamer technology has been patented by Korea Fiblon Co., Ltd