Thank you and Welcome to Korea Fiblon homepage.

Since 1982, Korea Fiblon Co., Ltd has established to be a major exporting manufacturer of garment machinery in Korea. For almost 30 years we have constantly reformed and developed ourselves to meet the ever changing demands of the global garment industry.

As we step into 2011 and into the next decade, Korea Fiblon promises to dedicate time and effort to pursue our “Creation of Innovation” principle. Principle achieved by, adapting and focusing in the modifications needed for the global garment industry future and present demands. Furthermore, with extensive experience and accumulated knowledge, we will ensure the utmost quality product and service to all clients. With unison between dealers and agents worldwide, we are able to effectively and persistently distribute to the global market.

So it is my sincere hope that you will take interest and encourage Korea Fiblon as we will endeavor to continue our rich history and maintain giving our customers highest possible satisfaction.

Thank You


President. Nam-Yoon LEE